June 9, 2021

Project manager S.V. Urusova and the leading specialists of the design department of the company HIMMASH-APPARAT carried out a number of measures for the technical assessment of the state of the existing installation in order to further provide an optimal technical proposal, taking into account the peculiarities and nuances of the work existing solution based on original data.

The company must design the installation; 3D modeling of the system in the workshop and sketch modeling in the workshop; verification of existing pipelines using the positive pressure method; Development of a plan for the partial replacement of pipelines, seals, casings; integrated design of the entire system; development of a technical and commercial proposal; development of documentation for the purchase and installation, as well as the development of a system passport and other documents for operation and maintenance.

The CHIMMASH-APPARAT company has many years of experience in the supply of complex technological equipment in Russia and abroad, as well as an engineering approach to improving and implementing solutions for both current and future production tasks, as well as the possibility of their implementation complex supply of technological equipment and the conclusion of EPC contracts.

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