About company - LLC «HIMMASH-APPARAT»


 Industrial and Engineering Company Ltd “HIMMASH-APPARAT” was created and successfully operate since 2008. During operation it has established itself as a reliable partner for its competencies: development, design, delivery of complex technological equipment for leading industries. 

  The key competence of “HIMMASH-APPARAT” is manufacture and supply of sophisticated equipment, implementation of turnkey projects – from technology development to commissioning. 

  The company’s mission is to identify, create, develop and support innovative technologies, the introduction of complex and unique equipment to solve different level complex engineering problems. 

  The design capacity of the enterprise allows to design the main sections of project and working documentation for newly constructed facilities and systems, technical upgrade documentation, design documentation. 

  Own scientific and engineering base allows solving problems of new efficient designs development for certain types of equipment, implement mathematical modeling methods in hydrodynamics. 

  The production base of the company includes affiliate clad metal manufacturing, chemical equipment engineering company, partnerships with domestic and foreign scientific and industrial enterprises, industries and factories, manufacturers of related products, materials and components. 

  The company’s team consists of specialists with long time experience in leading design and engineering organizations in oil, chemical and petrochemical fields. Also is in contact with national R&D companies, licensors, laboratories, individuals. 

  Ltd “HIMMASH-APPARAT” performs design, manufacture, supply and installation of complex process equipment such as: 

Technical devices: Apparatus for applications requiring process simulation:
– Columns.
– Heat exchangers.
– Air coolers.
– Heating oven.
– Special-purpose devices
– Ejectors and vacuum-creating system.
– Faucets (static and dynamic).
– Silencers.
– Electrical dehydrators.
– Electrical coalescers.
– Filters.
– Reactors
Column internal parts, reactor, separation equipment.
Block devices: Technological systems:
– Vessel blocks.
– Pumping units.
– Filter unit.
– Desalting blocks
and oil desulfurization
– Units for catalytic thermal gas cleaning.
– Oil vapor capture and recovery Blocks.
– Gas field treatment.
– Oil refining, gas, gas condensate,mazute
production units.
– Physic-chemical and mechanical waste
water treatment units.
– Test and operation plants for scientific
purposes before commercialization

  “HIMMASH-APPARAT” company has all necessary experience for “turnkey” projects – from design to manufacture, supply and installation of equipment. You will get the solution needed when asking our company. 

  Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have, will help you choose equipment for the tasks of any complexity and in the shortest possible time. There are questionnaires on our website. If you have any difficulty filling them, please contact our specialists to complete and file the questionnaire. We can assist to design, make technical task or tender procedures. 

Contact us: + 7-495-66-99-33-5; info@him-apparat.ru