“HIMMASH-APPARAT” will help solve the problem of modernization and equipment supplies to factories with mixing devices of various types. Choosing mixing device type or a combination of mixers for a specific product made by customer.
Offered mixing devices designs are based on calculations, which aim to provide the required mixing efficiency, with minimal metal consumption, energy intensity and cost of the devices.
Depending on the customer’s request and the appropriateness of process line mechanisms and controllers, allowing to eliminate the human factor, we can create a line with full automation and computer-controlled production process.
Working with the customer, we consider all aspects: location, production facilities and the availability of facilities, optimal set of equipment, level of technological processes automation and possibility to increase performance without major changes in the equipment composition.
Our company provides warranty maintenance, as well as installation and commissioning.
Below is information about the main types of mixers offered.


In industry mechanical stirrer with rotary motion used mainly for mixing.
Typically, the apparatus for mixing is a vertical vessel with a stirrer, whose rotation axis coincides with the axis of the apparatus.
Depending on the conditions of a particular process, the volume of the unit with a mixer may range from a few tenths to a few thousand cubic meters.
The main units of such devices is the body, and the drive shaft with a stirrer.
The speed of rotation of the agitator conventionally divided into two groups: low-speed (Anchor, frame, and others in which the peripheral tip speed of about 1 m / s) and high-speed (propeller, turbine, and others in which the circumferential speed of about 10 m / s).
Sometimes mixers are classified according to the direction of the main fluid flow (tangential, radial, axial), but this kind of classification is not widely used due to the difficulty in determining the velocity of the fluid in the apparatus.