On December 16, 2021 in Dubai, a meeting was held between HIMMASH-APPARAT and the representatives of ALUCOR Ltd Company.

The purpose of the visit was to sign a non-disclosure agreement of confidential data (NDA) between HIMMASH-APPARAT LLC and ALUCOR Ltd. companies. The companies plan long-term cooperation in the implementation of large EPC projects and intend to combine efforts to formulate proposals for customers in the oil and gas and chemical industries.

After signing the NDA, specialists and managers can freely exchange both technical (including patented solutions, know-how and developed basic design/engineering projects) and commercial (estimates of the cost of solutions and projects, including those ones completed earlier) information.

This event provides the HIMMASH-APPARAT company with access to the Persian Gulf market through collaboration with ALUCOR Ltd in the EP format.

Mr. Agaurov Sergey, the CEO of HIMMASH-APPARAT also has visited the production facilities of ALUCOR Ltd and now HIMMASH-APPARAT will use these production facilities in its projects abroad.

At the end of the meeting, the representative office of ALUCOR Ltd has officially invited HIMMASH APPARAT to implement projects in the Russian Federation in deep cooperation concerning both the orders from strategic clients and HIMMASH APPARAT’s own LNG projects.

HIMMASH-APPARAT has long experience in the supply of complex technological equipment in Russia and abroad, as well as an engineering approach to improving and implementing solutions for both current production tasks and innovative solutions, as well as the possibility of a comprehensive supply of technological equipment and the conclusion of an EPC contracts.

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