26.10.2018 in the business center of the Peter I Hotel, a meeting was held between representatives of HIMMASH-APPARAT LLC and the delegation of the Committee for the development of oil-producing areas of the state of Abia Nigeria in the amount of 11 people.

The meeting was attended by Nigeria – Samuel Okezie Nwogu, the head of the ASOPADEC committee and representatives of the Embassy, from Himmash-Apparat LLC – Sergey Dmitrievich Soshin and the responsible representatives of the committee.

Negotiation Agenda: Construction of an Oil Refinery with a capacity of 10 thousand bar/day (500 thousand tons per year) in the state of Abia in Nigeria.

S.D.Soshin at the negotiations presented HIMMASH-APPARAT LLC, the competence of which allows to design, manufacture and deliver the equipment for export by acting as an EPC contractor for the construction of a refinery in Nigeria of specified capacity.

As a result of the meeting following the talks, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed, indicating further actions to implement the project where the land, raw materials: building permits, shipping/logistics and security will be provided by local authorities:

  • for power supply, a power station will be built on the associated petroleum gas
  • local water resources of the Niger and the Atlantic Ocean will be used for water supply
  • delivery of equipment to the construction site will be carried out through the port of the country, by rail and road.

The project for the construction of oil refineries seems promising for the HIMMASH-APPARAT LLC, the implementation of which may involve licensors, construction and commissioning companies, credit organizations, construction contractors and an oil and gas project company.

The Nigerian side invited the head and specialists of the HIMMASH-DEVICE to visit Nigeria for negotiations with the governor and the government of the of Abia state.