On October 15, 2021, Bauman Moscow State Technical University hosted a round table dedicated to the current state and potential development of LNG industry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The event was attended by the representatives of federal and republican authorities, research organizations, mining and processing enterprises specializing in the design of complexes for production of liquefied natural gas (LNG), manufacture and supply of technological equipment (refrigerating machines, multi-flow heat exchangers, cryogenic storage equipment, pumping equipment).

HIMMASH APPARAT Company is pursuing opportunities to participate in a comprehensive project to develop infrastructure for low-tonnage LNG plant production and consumption. Proven record of accomplishments in the development and supply of equipment for large-capacity LNG plants permits the company to participate in creation of LNG production and consumption infrastructure with the involvement of engineering and production facilities of various levels.

Mr. Agaurov S.Yu., Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ushakov D.V. Project Manager, and Mr. Guskov P.O., Chief Technologist represented the Company at the Conference. The HIMMASH-APPARAT’s presentation on the topic “LNG Production Project in the Aldan Gas Cluster” was presented to the participants of the round table. The Speaker, Mr. Guskov P.O., Chief Technologist presented the key features of the project and outlined the stages and deadlines of the project.

The LNG plant’s capacity will make 40 000 tons per year with an hourly capacity of 5 tons/hour. The completion of commissioning works is scheduled for IV Quarter, 2025. The demand for natural gas for the liquefaction process is about 56 mln. m3/year. Previously, the cost of plant construction was estimated at 3.7 bln. rubles. The payback period of the project according to the estimates of HIMMASH-APPARAT LLC will be 4 years after the production startup. It should be noted that the project implementation time can be shortened by reducing the construction time of a gas distribution station (GDS) feeding the facility.

HIMMASH-APPARAT has established itself as a strong and competent professional in the LNG industry having all the necessary technologies and process engineering solutions in gas and gas-chemical industries. As part of the panel discussion, HIMMASH-APPARAT led a discussion with the largest industry participants and submitted proposals on their own LNG plant projects. The uniqueness of the proposed projects and a number of non-competitive advantages of the company’s technologies aroused great interest among the market participants and led to further discussion of plans for cooperation and implementation of LNG programs.

HIMMASH APPARAT Company has a long history of successful engineering and supply of complex processing facilities in Russia and abroad. The main capabilities of the company are its own scientific, engineering and production bases, which allow solving problems of developing new technological solutions using mathematical simulation techniques.

The design capacities of the company allow the development of new, unique technological solutions. The company plans envisage sustainable technological development, involving process development: diesel fuel dewaxing, oil desulfurization, oil sludge processing.

While executing projects HIMMASH APPARAT takes an engineering approach: quality system, supervision, technical audit, which allow us to adapt the customer’s requirements as much as possible, having all the competencies to implement complex technological projects on a turnkey basis: from design to delivery and installation of equipment. A special competence is the company’s production capabilities and the service provided, such as development of working construction documentation, integrated design of facilities, optimization of existing production facilities and technical consulting.

A key strength of the company is its ability to execute EPC contracts, performance of a complete scope of works: from project design to commissioning.

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