May 25, 2021


At the site of the Corporation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, a round was held on the topic: “A comprehensive project for the collection, transportation and storage of helium concentrate in Eastern Siberia.”

Following the meeting, an agreement was signed on cooperation in the implementation of an investment project for the production and storage of carbon-free energy resources in Western Yakutia with capital investments of up to 250 billion rubles and the creation of up to 2,000 new jobs.

Helium is a rare and non-renewable natural resource, considered a unique and strategically important product, without which the development of a number of high-tech industries is unthinkable. The nuclear industry, modern electronic industry, defense industry, medicine, metallurgy, science and many other industries cannot do without the use of helium.

The document was signed by Nikolay Zapryagaev, Deputy General Director for Attracting Investments of the Corporation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic (KRDV), General Director of the North-Eastern Alliance Research and Production Association Alexey Kutilin, an official representative of Yakutia. LLC “Gas” Egor Bogdanov and General Director of LLC “HIMMASH-APPARAT” Agaurov Sergey Yurievich.

The company “HIMMASH-APPARAT” acts as a technological partner with a successful long-term experience in the design and supply of complex technological equipment in Russia and abroad.

World helium reserves are concentrated in the depths of Eastern Siberia. The potential of the territory, which is the country’s main resource base for helium, will make it possible to speak of the emergence of a new technological industry in Russia. Therefore, for Russian enterprises, potential exporters of helium to the international market, the issue of introducing new modern facilities for the production of helium is the main one.

As part of the implementation of the helium program of the Russian Federation, the company “HIMMASH-APPARAT” acting as a developer of technological solutions, offers technologies for the extraction of helium, incl. membrane technologies for gas separation with the organization of its subsequent storage, including in underground workings. Subject to the realization of the advantages of the raw material base and the rational distribution of the accumulated reserves for Russia, a favorable situation will develop on the world helium market.

If we talk about the world needs for helium, then its consumption in recent years has continued to grow steadily. The United States remains the leading consumer of helium in the world: annual consumption is about 48 million m3, which is more than 25% of the world volume. Consumption of this product is actively developing in the Asia-Pacific countries, while in Europe, on the contrary, it is decreasing. In addition, the United States occupies a leading position in the production and supply of helium to foreign markets. Taking into account the depletion of helium reserves in US storage facilities and the global growth of its consumption, the deficit of helium in the world market can range from 90 million m3 to 140 million m3 by 2030. (Magazine “Kommersant Vlast” No. 15 of 20.04.2015, p. 38, article “Recognized Helium”).

As for Russia, experts believe that in the medium term Russia can increase its presence in the world market.

The signed agreement on cooperation in the implementation in the Far East of an investment project for the production of carbon-free energy carriers in the form of ammonia as a carrier of hydrogen and helium in order to ensure rational use of mineral resources, provide the economy with the necessary materials and decarbonization of the world economy. The project also involves the creation of a system for the collection and long-term storage of helium. The storage facility will allow accumulating the extracted resources and provide the global helium market with stability and predictability for 50-100 years.

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