July 2021. Khabarovsk Territory

The company HIMMASH-APPARAT carries out research and design and survey work to expand the range of products at the plant for the preparation of fuels for marine engines LLC “Transbunker Vanino”. The project provides for the possibility of producing winter diesel fuel on the basis of the existing plant.

In July of this year, specialists of HIMMASH-APPARAT LLC, within the framework of the visit of the working group consisting of General Director Sergei Agaurov, Chief Process Engineer Pavel Guskov and Chief Project Engineer Andrey Kudel to the Khabarovsk Territory. Examined the existing installation in order to determine the optimal points of inclusion in the technological process power supply systems, water supply, drainage systems, lightning protection, etc. Inspection of the automated process control system in order to maximize the integration of the new unit into the existing system. In addition, research work was carried out to determine the raw material potential, laboratory modeling of the dewaxing process of diesel fuel obtained at the installation.

The company “HIMMASH-APPARAT” has many years of experience in the successful design and supply of complex technological equipment in Russia and abroad. The main capabilities of the company are its own scientific, engineering and production bases, which allow solving the problems of developing new technological solutions using methods of mathematical modeling.

The design capacity of the enterprise allows the development of new unique technological solutions. The company’s plans include sustainable technological development, which implies the development of technologies: dewaxing of diesel fuel, oil desulfurization, oil sludge processing.

When implementing the project “HIMASH-APPARAT” company uses a technical approach: quality system, supervision, technical audit, which allows adapting the customer’s requirements as much as possible, possessing all the competencies for the implementation of complex turnkey technological projects – from design to supply and installation of equipment. A special strength is the production capabilities of the company and the services provided, such as the development of working projects for block-modular equipment the development of design documentation, complex design of facilities, optimization of existing production facilities, technical consulting.

The strong point of the company is the ability to conclude contracts in the EPC format, to carry out a full range of works – from project development to commissioning.

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