HIMMASH-APPARAT LLC, represented by CEO Mr.Sergey Y. Agaurov, took part in the ARCTIC REGIONS Forum on April 12-14, 2023.

During the forum, Mr. Agaurov presented to the participants a presentation of the construction of a low-tonnage plant in the city of Novodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region, for the liquefaction of natural gas on a modular basis for potential consumers, the founder of which is, and having the necessary competencies, a professional team of employees and production facilities, is a technological partner of ARKHANGELSK LNG LLC in this project.

The plant is scheduled to be put into operation in the 1st quarter of 2025; the capacity of the first stage will be 80 thousand tons of LNG per year, with an increase to 160 thousand tons of LNG per year. The manufactured product will correspond to the brand B in accordance with All-Union State standard 56021-2014. In accordance with the agreement, Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Ukhta LLC has currently allocated 211 million cubic meters per year for LNG production. Natural gas of this supplier

Agreements of suppling LNG were signed with consumers, including natural resource extraction enterprises, organizations engaged in energy generation, transport and shipping companies, which will ensure consumption of more than 50% of the plant’s productivity.

Recently, in the markets of Asia, India and Turkey, there has been an increase in the interest of foreign companies in buying liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Russian LNG plants; in particular, negotiations are underway to purchase LNG from Arkhangelsk LNG. This is due to the fact that the plant offers convenient transportation logistics, high quality LNG and liquefaction quality.

Currently, there is an increased interest of foreign companies in the natural gas market to purchase liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the ARKHANGELSK LNG plant. Currently, active negotiations are underway with potential partners from Asia, India and Turkey.

One of the main advantages of LNG from the ARKHANGELSK LNG plant is convenient transportation and high quality of the product. In addition, the liquefied gas undergoes strict quality control at all stages of production, which makes it possible to obtain a product of the highest quality.

According to the company’s representatives, the interest of foreign partners is explained not only by the quality of LNG

At the moment, the ARKHANGELSK LNG plant already has potential customers in the foreign market for the volume of 80 thousand tons per year. The Russian domestic market is also in demand, and the company plans to sell about 80 thousand tons of LNG annually in Russia.

In general, the company’s development prospects are very promising. ARKHANGELSK LNG continues to increase its production capacity and improve the technological process of LNG production, which allows it to attract new customers and strengthen its position in the global liquefied natural gas market.

One of the advantages of the plant is its geographical location. The plant is located in the Arkhangelsk region, on the shore of the White Sea. This allows you to save time and money on the delivery of LNG to other markets. In addition, the plant is equipped with modern technologies, which ensures high quality products.

(Here is the photo of the Arkhangelsk port, the normal processing capacity for unloading is 70 wagons per day with the only container terminal in the North with an area of 89900m2)

The quality of liquefaction also plays an important role when choosing an LNG supplier. The ARKHANGELSK LNG plant offers high quality liquefaction, which allows increasing the density of LNG and reducing the volume for transportation. This increases operational efficiency and reduces transportation costs.

In addition, the plant has all the necessary quality certificates, which confirms that the products meet the requirements of international standards. This makes it possible for the plant to work on the world market and attract foreign partners.

Negotiations with foreign companies indicate a high interest in buying LNG from the ARKHANGELSK LNG plant. Thus, the plant is an attractive LNG supplier on the international market due to its geographical location, high quality of products and liquefaction, as well as the availability of the necessary quality certificates. The planned high interest of foreign companies testifies to the success of the plant in the world market.

In addition, it contributes to the strengthening of economic ties between Russia and other countries.

LLC HIMMASH-APPARAT carries out successful activities to form a sustainable LNG consumption market; we interact with potential consumers from various regions of the Russian Federation, planning to transport LNG in specialized cryogenic semi-trailers-tankers with a volume of 45 cubic meters.

Mr. Agaurov concluded: “In general, the visit to the Arctic-Regions forum was very pleasant with its dynamics and interesting interactions, decisions reached during the meetings at the forum. And I am sure that further work in the field of the gas industry, and in particular LNG, will be even more successful and effective thanks to such fruitful cooperation between enterprises, universities and the company HIMMASH-APPARAT LLC.