The HIMMASH APPARAT’s management highly appreciates the level of training of the company’s employees, since the high level of education of each person in the organization allows raising the status of the company, broadening the advantages, and bringing the quality of work and service to a new level. A well-chosen and high-quality education increases the capacity of employees and expands their horizons in business processes.

HIMMASH APPARAT Company uses an engineering approach in its activities that implies the presence of strong and well-rounded specialists in the company that rank high in the economic and engineering and technology fields. The level of education of employees is constantly being improved through seminars, training and various further education courses. All advanced trends in engineering and technological disciplines are paid due regard to in HIMMASH APPARAT company.  

HIMMASH APPARAT Company has many years of experience in successful engineering and supply of complex process equipment in Russia and abroad. The main capabilities of the company are its own scientific, engineering and production bases, which allow solving problems on development of new technological solutions using methods of mathematical modeling.

The design capacity of the enterprise allows the development of new and unique technological solutions. Company plans are aimed at sustainable technological development, which implies development of technologies: diesel fuel dewaxing, oil desulfurization, oil sludge processing.

In implementing projects, HIMMASH APPARAT Company adopts a technical approach: quality system, supervision, technical audit, which allows us to customize a Client’s requirements to the most extent, having all the competencies for implementing complex turnkey technological projects – from design to delivery and installation of equipment. A special capacity is the company’s production capabilities and the service provided, such as the development of detailed engineering of a packaged modular equipment, development of detailed construction documentation, integrated industrial design, optimization of existing production facilities, technical consulting.

The company’s key strength is the ability to fulfill contracts in EPC format, to perform a full scope of work — from project development to commissioning. If you have any questions about our products, services and capabilities, please feel free to contact us by phone: +7(495)-2-680-680, or email us at